City Encounters Redux – Improvised Short Films

Due to YouTube swallowing up my content early this year as I tried to merge accounts, I submit to you City Encounters, a series of short films I directed with the help of a great crew, inspired by my improv comedy and musician friends back in 2016.

The premise of the series was to feature my friends in loosely outlined scenarios where in most cases, things would spiral out of hand. These shorts were shot in the span of 2 days across New York City, and was actually written about!


Nathan and Jordan”
Starring: Nathan Soutar and Jordan Doig
Meghan and Lisa
Starring: Liisa Hill Murray and Meghan Ross
“Sarah and Cara”
Starring: Sarah Clements and Cara Salvatore
“Pedro and Josh”
Starring: Pedro Lee and Josh Moss
Oliver and Ryan”
Starring: Ryan Ramirez and Oliver Chinyere
Mimi and Nicole”
Starring: Mimi “Hoops” Fischer and Nicole Katherine Alexander
Complex and Kenny”
Starring: Corey “Complex” Roberts and Kenny Jaworski
John and Alfonso
Starring: Alfonso Giansanti II and John Ross
Neil and Dom”
Starring: Dominick Pupa and Neil Parrish

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